This Current Darkness

12 May

When you think about the current world situation, whether you think in terms of the political, or religious, or educational, or economic realms, how do you describe our world?  As a pastor I talk to a lot of people in various ways, and the basic themes I hear can be summarized in words such as these: crazy, restrictive, chaotic, insane, unfair.  Everyone has a particular perspective on these events, and not a single one of us has a claim to be the sole owner of absolute truth.  Those terms I listed get at certain aspects of the spirit of our times, and therefore, they are truthful.  But they are limited; they all fail to get to the heart of the matter.  From a spiritual viewpoint there is only one word that accurately describes our present state of affairs— Dark.  And, yes I capitalized it on purpose.  Not many Christians are thinking in terms of the blatant spiritual darkness we’re enduring.  It’s as black as ink.  

Please understand that you and I are living in momentous times.  I know more than one person who is in their 90s.  They have memories of the Great Depression, World War II and other horrifying events.  And they all acknowledge they’ve not seen anything like this.  God has laid His heavy hand on the earth.  This is the first time since The Flood that He’s done that.  And I’m concerned that a majority of Christians are not viewing this through a biblical or theological lens.  If they were then I’d hear about darkness a good deal more.

I’m an old school pastor and I base my ministry on two basic purposes.  The first is to make certain that I make the gospel of salvation as clear as possible to as many people as I possibly can.  The second is to make certain that I educate Christians in the proper worldview.  The first duty is decidedly more easy than the second.  And this crisis has heightened my concern that more of us aren’t viewing history through a spiritual window, and that means we’re tied to this earth.  Imagine if we had no cell phones, no internet, and no televisions.  How do you think we’d be handling all of this?  I’m not certain we’d be doing very well.

I encourage you to think hard on these matters.  Yes, I’m very thankful that the economy will hopefully begin making a comeback, and I grieve for those who are suffering financially.  And I’m optimistic that we’ll soon be able to gather together for Sunday worship.  But I pray we learn the spiritual lessons God has for us.  If we do not, I fear for what other means He will employ to get His people to repent.  Let us each look deeply into our hearts, and make the needed corrections.  

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