It’s Going To Be Okay

28 Apr

This is a slightly different post.  Many of us are beginning to feel the effects of cabin fever and those effects aren’t very pleasant.  I want to encourage you.  Pure and simple.  I’d like to do that by giving you a list to consider.  I imagine a few of you are skeptical at this juncture.  A few of you might be falling asleep (just joking). Seriously, though–read the list.  Then read it again.  Then think on the ramifications of it.  I want you all to know how much I love and miss you.  Especially those of you whom I’ve not seen in some time.  Please stay safe, and keep the faith.  Everything is going to be okay.

Here’s your list.  It’s only a partial one at that.  

Middlesex Presbyterian was founded in 1799, when… 

John Adams lived in The White House. 

We were here for the War of 1812. 

We served communion during the Civil War. 

We called to God when President Lincoln was assassinated. 

We looked to heaven as World War I raged. 

We asked for mercy when the Spanish Flu laid waste to the world. 

We remained standing when the market crashed in 1929. 

We survived the Great Depression. 

We ministered as World War II enflamed the earth.

We kept the faith during the Korean War.

We mourned when President Kennedy was assassinated. 

We prayed during the Vietnam War.

We cheered when President Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” 

We were astounded when that wall– The Berlin Wall–fell to the ground.

We felt amazement when the Soviet Union imploded.

We wept at the savagery we witnessed on 9/11. 

We looked for heavenly wisdom as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began. 

We relied on God when the financial world erupted in 2008. 

We wept as we saw our country’s culture and history degraded. 

And now, in our seclusion, we wait upon God to deliver us from evil.

He will. He has promised us His divine protection. 

And that is why I can assure you that… It’s Going To Be Okay.

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